ИТ форум: Да им подариме компјутери на деца без родители

Наместо да ги фрламе старите компјутери на кои не може да се играат најновите игри, а кои сè уште се одлични компјутери на кои може да се сурфа на Интернет и да се учи за технологијата, подобро би било да ги подариме на тие на кои најмногу им ги треба. На форумот на IT.com.mk е отворена тема за „Помош на деца без родители“ преку која форумџиите, предводени од gOJDO а.к.а Кирил Ачкоски, се организираат да им подарат компјутер на две деца, одлични ученици, кои растат сами без родители.

„Доколку го склопиме компјутерот и останат парични средства, истите ќе ги пренамениме за училишен прибор и книги кои им се потребни на децата“, вели gOJDO. „Доколку има ресто делови, ќе ги чуваме за да склопиме компјутер кој ќе го доинраме на други деца на кои навистина им е потребен и го заслужуваат. Однапред благодарам на сите хумани и совесени форумџии“.

До сега се собрaни околу 5.000 денари и доста различни делови за компјутерите. Доколку имате да донирате слободно пишете на форумот.

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  10. 1

    ’76 Bucs are watching Lions

    For more than DIESEL バッグ アウトレット 3 decades, the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers set the modern day standard for NFL futility by going 014. Toomay would just as soon let somebody else the Detroit Lions, by way of example finish winless and commit http://www.villacala.com/ the subsequent 30 years answering queries about ineptitude.

    “The luster wears off,” stated Toomay, a defensive end on the expansion group ディーゼル メンズ 店舗 that was shut out five times and outscored 412125 inside the ディーゼル ブーツ レディース franchise’s inaugural season.

    Several teams have flirted with winless seasons since the Bucs wearing uniforms close towards the colour of Creamsicles and helmets bearing a winkingpirate logo had been trounced by an typical of virtually three touchdowns a game.

    The 1980 Saints have been 014 before winning in the 15th game. The Colts went 081 through the strikeshortened 1982 season and had been 013 around the option to finishing 313 in 1986. Numerous other teams have won 1 ディーゼル バッグ リュック game considering the fact that the league adopted a 16game schedule in 1978, like final season’s Miami Dolphins.

    The ’76 Bucs, playing within the AFC West, which eventual Super Bowl champion Oakland dominated having a 131 record, had quite a few close calls, such as threepoint losses to fellow expansion mate Seattle and to Miami.

    The Bucs also lost their first 12 games of 1977. The 26game losing streak may be the DIESEL スニーカー レザー that was shut DIESEL バッグ ショルダー longest in NFL history.

    Despite the fact that there have been some recognizable names around the ’76 Bucs like Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier and future Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon, who was a rookie, the Bucs had been largely a collection of castoffs in the twilight of their careers.

    Count Spurrier amongst ディーゼル メンズ 店舗 those rooting for the Lions.

    “I want that record,” the South Carolina coach mentioned for the duration of a current http://www.wcitar.com/ check out http://www.vespez.com/ Steve Spurrier http://www.czytnia.com/ to Tampa for an Outback Bowl contractsigning ceremony.

    “I consider they will win a game. I’m pulling for them, sure,” Spurrier added. “That’s the American thing to do, is not it?”

    Jones has said greater than when in the past few weeks he doesn’t program to create ディーゼル パーカー メンズ a coaching modify at the finish of the season, no matter whether or not the Cowboys make the playoffs. Asked once more Friday about Phillips’ job status heading into Sunday’s mustwin game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jones was testy.

    “Look, can y’all not comprehend statements?” Jones said ディーゼル 時計 メンズ ahead of DIESEL レディース バッグ asking a query that incorporated a profanity.

    Jones added, “Really. I truly never fully grasp what’s ディーゼル レディース シューズ going on. The coaching staff is in location. The coaching employees is in place. The developing is right here. You’d like DIESEL バッグ トート to ask the question, what if it blows down?”

    OK, so what in the event the building ディーゼル 長財布 メンズ blows down?

    “We’ll make ディーゼル パーカー メンズ it back up,” Jones responded tersely.

    Dallas quarterback Tony Romo seems to be more than the midweek illness that caused him to miss a few of Wednesday’s practice. The Cowboys put receiver Isaiah Stanback, a former Washington Huskies quarterback, on injured reserve as a result of a shoulder concern.

    Mike Singletary, San Francisco’s interim coach, was noncommittal when asked regardless of whether http://www.zybaweb.com/ Cowboys DIESEL スニーカー レディース offensive coordinator Mike Martz would return to the 49ers with him subsequent DIESEL レディース バッグ season.

    Many observers count on Singletary, 44 given that taking more than the 49ers (69) from fired coach Mike Nolan on Oct. 20, to have the permanent job early next DIESEL バッグ リュック week.

    New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi is anticipated to sit out once more Sunday against Buffalo as a result of DIESEL 財布 長財布 a knee injury, and defensive end Richard Seymour is questionable having a sore back.

    Chicago Bears safety Mike Brown will miss the rest from the season as a result of a calf injury, leaving the defense without having a single of its emotional leaders heading into Sunday’s game at Houston that could choose whether they make the playoffs.

    Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder mentioned http://www.rwxfff.com/ he expects to play against the New York Jets on Sunday, despite a knee injury that limited his practice time this week.

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  12. Hawks pick http://www.bubbletums.com/ Deb’s new husband was an assistant coach at Seattle Pacific and had dreams of someday ミズノ ランニングシューズ オレンジ Budenholzer to replace Drew as coach

    ATLANTA The Atlanta Hawks hired longtime Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer as their head coach on Tuesday, providing the group ミズノ 野球 グローバルエリート a different hyperlink to San Antonio’s championship tradition.

    Common manager Danny Ferry known as on his previous expertise with San Antonio to choose Budenholzer to replace Larry Drew as coach. Drew’s contract expires in June following three seasons as coach.

    The Hawks lost to Indiana inside the first round from the playoffs. It was the team’s sixth straight postseason appearance but Ferry is expected to continue his dramatic makeover of the team following trading Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams in his very first year as general manager.

    The Hawks say Budenholzer will continue serving because the ミズノ ランニングシューズ ウエーブ Spurs’ prime assistant through the NBA finals. The Spurs completed a fourgame sweep of Memphis inside the Western Conference finals on Monday.

    Ferry came towards the ミズノ ランニングシューズ イエロー Hawks final year following two years as vice president of basketball operations for the Spurs. With Budenholzer, Ferry now has his personal coach soon after inheriting Drew.

    “He has an incredible basketball acumen and features a ミズノ 靴 ベビー keen awareness from the league and what it takes to be productive,” Ferry said Tuesday in a statement released by the team. “His knowledge and four championships more than the last 17 years offer a tremendous foundation for his leadership of our group.”

    Ferry, contacted by The Linked Press on Tuesday, declined to produce extra comments till ミズノ ランニングシューズ イエロー Wednesday’s news conference.

    Ferry calls Budenholzer “Bud” and “Coach Bud.” Ferry was believed to have ミズノ 野球 ウインドブレーカー Budenholzer on his brief http://www.combicrush.com/ list of candidates in the ミズノウオーキングシューズ スタイルアップウオーク start of his search.

    Budenholzer, 43, spent 19 years using the Spurs, such as 17 seasons as an assistant. He was the major assistant for coach Gregg Popovich the past six years.

    “I have been tremendously fortunate to be a component ミズノウオーキングシューズ レディース on the San Antonio Spurs organization for the last 19 years,” Budenholzer stated in a statement released by the Hawks. “I knew it would need to be a tremendous scenario for me to leave and clearly coming to Atlanta because the head coach of the Hawks is best for me.

    “Ownership’s commitment to taking this organization for the subsequent level and making a exceptional and particular culture, partnering having a general manager like Danny Ferry who I’ve good respect for, and building a roster which has terrific potential ミズノ ソフトテニス 帽子 due to the existing core and the ensuing flexibility presents a rare and uniquely positive opportunity.”

    The Hawks’ new coach is in need of http://www.pinechapel.com/ Deb’s new husband was an assistant coach at Seattle Pacific and had dreams of someday ミズノ ランニングシューズ イエロー his fifth NBA championship ring this year. The Spurs won NBA titles in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007.

    Budenholzer began ミズノクラシック 2013 his time together with the Spurs because the team’s video coordinator for two years ahead of being hired as an assistant coach.

    He will leave the Spurs with Popovich’s blessing.

    “I could not ミズノウォーキングシューズ メンズ be happier for Mike for a lot of causes,” Popovich stated. “As any one who’s been aspect of this plan knows, he has been more of a cohead coach than an assistant for a extended time. His knowledge in the game too as his ability to teach and create relationships with players are all unique. I’ll miss him a good deal both professionally and personally and am confident that he and Danny will make a great team as the future unfolds.”

    San Antonio guard Tony Parker mentioned Budenholzer “has been quite オロビアンコ ベルト 人気 valuable to our results ミズノプロ ランニングシューズ in San Antonio.”

    “He is a good coach,” Parker mentioned. “I feel the Hawks produced a superb decision and I am quite satisfied for Coach Bud.”

    Led by their new management team of Budenholzer and Ferry, the Hawks might be components in the freeagent market.

    Center Al Horford is definitely the lone starter with a http://www.sdxfyz.com/ guaranteed contract for subsequent season. The only other players with assured contracts are guard Lou Williams, who is recovering from a seasonending knee injury, and rookie guard John Jenkins. Point guard Jeff Teague can come to be a restricted free of charge agent.

    Longtime beginning forward Josh Smith tops Atlanta’s extended オロビアンコ ベルト 人気 list of unrestricted zero cost agents.

    If only the three players with assured contracts return, the Hawks could have about $40 million beneath the cap to devote in no cost agency.

    Drew could not be reached for comment. He endured what was essentially a lameduck season just after the group renewed the option on his contract last summer season オロビアンコ ベルト 人気 but didn’t give him an extension.

    Drew was 128102 in three http://www.cliptrace.com/ seasons.

    “I believed http://www.tourgunea.com/ we had a actually fantastic ミズノウオーキングシューズ フリーウォーク season given what our circumstances were. They weren’t the top,” Drew stated right after the season. “. The one particular point I’ll say is I’ve had an excellent run right here.”

    Drew began his time using the Hawks as an assistant beneath previous coach Mike Woodson. He moved up in 2010 just after Woodson was hired. The Hawks sophisticated to the second round with the playoffs in Drew’s 1st season but had firstround losses in 2012 and 2013.

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  14. Kentucky reaches title game with win over fierce rival Louisville

    Anthony Davis and topseeded Kentucky will play for the national title Monday night soon after デュベティカ 2014 メンズ lastly placing away pesky Louisville 6961 in the Final Four http://www.scancheap.com/ on Saturday night.

    It will be Kentucky’s first look within the title game considering that winning a seventh NCAA crown in 1998 and gives coach John Calipari a different shot in the title that has eluded him. The Wildcats (372) will face Kansas, a winner more than Ohio State.

    With Davis, everybody’s player in the year, top a starstudded roster, Kentucky was the prime seed in the tournament along with the heavy favored to cut down the nets when the entire tournament was accomplished. And Calipari would not ミズノウォーキングシューズ メンズ let his young players look at something else, saying repeatedly this was “just one other game.”

    But playing instate rival Louisville (3010) is never just that, plus the Cardinals made Kentucky function deep in to the second half to grind this victory out.

    Louisville outrebounded Kentucky 4033, such as a whopping 196 advantage duvetica ダウンベスト サイズ on the offensive glass the sole cause the Cardinals had been capable to make a game of this.

    “I just said John, ‘I’ll be pulling for you personally, bring the trophy back household to Kentucky,’ ” Louisville coach Rick Pitino stated. “Sometimes there is a whole lot of speak about these guys fighting, dialysis, there is also definitely http://www.fmsecret.com/ a lot of those that get along. . For all those that have brains, they root for each other.

    “We like their basketball team; we hope they bring it property duvetica ダウンベスト サイズ for the state.”

    Said Calipari of Louisville: “They under no circumstances stopped playing. They got up into our bodies, designed http://www.linkedstat.com/ Usher has crunking, has the moonwalk and has the QTip デュベティカ 2014 メンズ turnovers and gave themselves a likelihood ミズノ 靴 通販 to win.”

    Larger, bulkier and with the 19yearold freshman Davis possessing a wider wingspan than some small airplanes, the Wildcats looked like playground bullies as they pushed Louisville around on their way for you to a 13point lead early within the second half. However the Cardinals know a factor about rallies following coming from 11 points down to beat Florida in final weekend’s West Regional final, and they certain made Kentucky sweat.

    Russ Smith produced duvetica ダウン レディース kappa backtoback buckets to start a 153 run, and Peyton Siva, the former Franklin Higher star, capped it with a threepointer from NBA range that tied the score at 49 with 9:11 to play. But Michael KiddGilchrist, who played just 23 minutes due to foul trouble, created ミズノプロ バッティンググローブ backtoback buckets to give the Wildcats some breathing space.

    Just after ミズノ 靴 ベビー Siva created ミズノプロ バッティンググローブ a pair of cost-free http://www.passsales.com/ throws, Terrence Jones scored on a jumper and Darius Miller drilled a threepointer only Kentucky’s second of the ミズノウォーキングシューズ メンズ game to provide the Wildcats manage for wonderful.

    “I’m proud of this group. They’re coming with each other,” Calipari stated. “They’ve taken on shots and runs like Louisville did these days, and they’ve held their own, so I’m proud of them.”

    Just to be sure that Louisville did not get any wild notions about a further late comeback, KiddGilchrist threw down a monstrous dunk with 1:05 to play that had Kentucky fans on their feet and assistant coaches from Kansas and Ohio State scrambling to try and acquire a way for you to cease this juggernaut.

    Kentucky shot a dazzling 57 percent http://www.jwdstudios.com/ Usher has crunking, has the moonwalk and has the QTip ミズノウオーキングシューズ スタイルアップウオーク with Davis top the way. He missed just 1 ミズノ 靴 レディース of his eight shots and finished ミズノ 靴 ベビー with 18 points and 14 rebounds. Miller had 13 points, and Doron Lamb had 10.

    “We’re one particular game closer to our dream and our ambitions,” Davis mentioned.

    Siva led the Cardinals with 11 points, and Gorgui Dieng had 12 rebounds.

    With all the NCAA title game on the line, the latest skirmish in basketball’s version on the civil war so divided the compact hoopcrazed state that senior citizens in fact came to fisticuffs and produced for mustsee Television. The game was such a large deal that No. 1 Kentucky fan Ashley Judd wasn’t even the most significant celeb inside the home, with JayZ taking a prime seat behind the Kentucky bench.

    “It’s our fans; our fans are wonderful to us,” Davis said. “Our fans travel a extended duvetica kappa 770 way. We desire to go out right here and give them a show and give them what they want, which can be a national championship.”

  15. 1

    ’76 Bucs are watching Lions

    For greater than ディーゼル ブーツ レディース three decades, the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers set the modern normal for NFL futility by going 014. Toomay would just as quickly let somebody else the Detroit Lions, one example is finish winless and invest http://www.villacala.com/ the subsequent 30 years answering queries about ineptitude.

    “The luster wears off,” mentioned Toomay, a defensive finish around the expansion group ディーゼル 財布 メンズ that was shut out 5 instances and outscored 412125 within the DIESEL 財布 長財布 franchise’s inaugural season.

    Various teams have flirted with winless seasons given that the Bucs wearing uniforms close towards the color of Creamsicles and helmets bearing a winkingpirate logo were trounced by an average of almost 3 touchdowns a game.

    The 1980 Saints had been 014 prior to winning in the 15th game. The Colts went 081 through the strikeshortened 1982 season and had been 013 on the way for you to finishing 313 in 1986. A number of other teams have won 1 ディーゼル アウトレット 店舗 game due to the fact the league adopted a 16game schedule in 1978, which includes last season’s Miami Dolphins.

    The ’76 Bucs, playing in the AFC West, which eventual Super Bowl champion Oakland dominated with a 131 record, had numerous close calls, including threepoint losses to fellow expansion mate Seattle and to Miami.

    The Bucs also lost their first 12 games of 1977. The 26game losing streak would be the DIESEL バッグ リュック that was shut DIESEL メンズ 長財布 longest in NFL history.

    Though there have been some recognizable names around the ’76 Bucs for instance Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier and future Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon, who was a rookie, the Bucs have been largely a collection of castoffs within the twilight of their careers.

    Count Spurrier amongst DIESEL レディース 時計 these rooting for the Lions.

    “I want that record,” the South Carolina coach mentioned throughout a current http://www.wcitar.com/ stop by http://www.vespez.com/ Steve Spurrier http://www.czytnia.com/ to Tampa for an Outback Bowl contractsigning ceremony.

    “I consider they’ll win a game. I am pulling for them, positive,” Spurrier added. “That’s the American issue to accomplish, isn’t it?”

    Jones has mentioned more than when previously few weeks he will not program to produce ディーゼル レディース 腕時計 a coaching transform in the finish of your season, no matter regardless of whether the Cowboys make the playoffs. Asked again Friday about Phillips’ job status heading into Sunday’s mustwin game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jones was testy.

    “Look, can y’all not fully grasp statements?” Jones said DIESEL バッグ トート ahead of ディーゼル バッグ 店舗 asking a question that integrated a profanity.

    Jones added, “Really. I actually never have an understanding of what is ディーゼル レディース シューズ going on. The coaching staff is in place. The coaching staff is in place. The creating is right here. You need DIESEL バッグ トート to ask the question, what if it blows down?”

    OK, so what in the event the developing ディーゼル スニーカー アウトレット blows down?

    “We’ll create ディーゼル キッズ 通販 it back up,” Jones responded tersely.

    Dallas quarterback Tony Romo seems to become more than the midweek illness that triggered him to miss a few of Wednesday’s practice. The Cowboys place receiver Isaiah Stanback, a former Washington Huskies quarterback, on injured reserve because of a shoulder concern.

    Mike Singletary, San Francisco’s interim coach, was noncommittal when asked no matter if http://www.zybaweb.com/ Cowboys DIESEL 時計 メンズ offensive coordinator Mike Martz would return to the 49ers with him next DIESEL バッグ ショルダー season.

    Various observers expect Singletary, 44 considering the fact that taking over the 49ers (69) from fired coach Mike Nolan on Oct. 20, to get the permanent job early next DIESEL バッグ リュック week.

    New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi is expected to sit out once more Sunday against Buffalo because of ディーゼル ブーツ レディース a knee injury, and defensive end Richard Seymour is questionable with a sore back.

    Chicago Bears safety Mike Brown will miss the rest on the season because of a calf injury, leaving the defense without the need of a single of its emotional leaders heading into Sunday’s game at Houston that could make a decision irrespective of whether they make the playoffs.

    Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said http://www.rwxfff.com/ he expects to play against the New York Jets on Sunday, regardless of a knee injury that restricted his practice time this week.

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